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The first feature of the College: A learning environment integrating Social Sciences with Humanities
    Integrating Social Science traditions with that of the Humanities is the first feature of the College, which also constitutes an academic environment blending Western scientific essence and Eastern philosophy. Under the foundations of the “Triple Objectives” of the University: Globalization, Information-oriented Education, and Future-oriented Education, the College has formed a blending of Eastern and Western knowledge, culture, innovation, and communication. These features and vantage are concretely reflected in the relevant tasks for the interdisciplinary Program of Culture and Creative Industries.

The second feature of the college: Program of Culture and Creative Industries —Fostering talented personnel for the knowledge communication, cultural creativity, and digital content industries
    Our five departments happen to make up the core for the Chinese Language-Based cultural creative industry, i.e. accumulation, application and reproduction of Chinese culture. Thus, the integrating Program of Culture and Creative Industries including several courses on information, communication and marketing has proved to be not only a fertile ground for cultivating fashionable designers and teams of cultural creativity, but also an overall driving force for creative teaching, research development and collaboration between industries and academic fields.

The third feature of the college: Participating Local Community Activities
    The College of Liberal Arts holds an annual International conference on Tamsui Studies(淡水學), participates the editing works of the Gazetter of Tamsui(淡水鎮志), integrates the faculty’s expertise and research results to compile written and visual materials about “Metro Tamsui”, known as the Project of "Metro Tamsui Memory of Cultural Creative Heritage"(文創大淡水影像紀錄). It also operates the website of Tamsui Wiki(淡水維基館) to integrate all the data relevant to Tamsui. 
    In order to embed in the local economy and with the sponsorship of the University Social Responsibility Projects (USR) by Ministry of Education, the College launches a new program named “The Regeneration of Tamsui Historic Street”(老街再生計畫)to engage with the development of the Tamsui Historic Street, known as laojie, work with local businesses, promote tourism, practice industry-academia collaboration and service learning course.

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